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Setting the tone

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This morning we saw the historic apology by the Australian Government to the indigenous people who were forcibly removed by the Government, the Stolen Generation. I for one whole heartedly agree with this apology, I only wish the previous Government would have done it sooner [1]. As for compensation, I think the Government is ethically and morally obliged to compensate people for this action of forced removal.

If nothing else is achieved by this apology, it (and the opening of Federal Parliament with a traditional welcome to country) set the tone for this Government’s term. It sets the tone for unity over division, positiveness over negativeness and hope over fear (something I’m seeing parallels with in the US primaries).

May this be the first of many changes in the world for the better of all of its citizens.

[1] It’s telling that all living former Prime Ministers except John Howard were present in parliament.

Written by Tom Adams

February 13th, 2008 at 8:58 am

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Morality is not on our side

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There’s practically a holy consensus right now that the war in the North is a just war and that morality is on our side. The bitter truth must be said: this holy consensus is based on short-range selective memory, an introverted worldview, and double standards.

This war is not a just war. Israel is using excessive force without distinguishing between civilian population and enemy, whose sole purpose is extortion. That is not to say that morality and justice are on Hezbollah’s side. Most certainly not. But the fact that Hezbollah “started it” when it kidnapped soldiers from across an international border does not even begin to tilt the scales of justice toward our side.

Source: Morality is not on our side

Written by Tom Adams

July 25th, 2006 at 9:11 pm

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